Greetings... I trust your trip here was pleasant? Welcome to my secret underground lair on the uncharted volcanic island of Jigango (pronounced Ji-gang-go), located somewhere in the South Pacific. Please, make yourself comfortable.

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What is it that we do?
Why, my old friend, we make the world a better place! Our legion of code monkeys toil relentlessly in the bowels of this beloved isle. Our software tames the savages that inhabit this planet, making the world a utopian paradise. Sure, it might sting at first, but it's all for the good of civilization. Let me show you around...
Flash Card Genius Flash Card Genius

The Best Math Flash Card Application for Parents AND Children
on the iPhone and iPod touch

Flash Card Genius is a fun and easy to use math flash card application for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps your children build a strong foundation in the core knowledge of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. Flash Card Genius is the only flash card application that maintains a profile of your children's performances to help and guide them through their areas of difficulty. With the 'Flash Card Tutor' setting, each of your child's strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, helping them improve by testing more frequently on the number combinations they have the most trouble with. If your child has difficulties with 6's and 7's in multiplication, among the other combinations they will be subtly tested more often. You can view and compare current and historical performance, giving you insight as a parent on areas you may wish to focus your attention on when helping them with their math skills. Flash Card Genius isn't an application just for your children... it's a tool for both you and your children! More about Flash Card Genius >>
Foiled Again!
Oh dear, you have caught me before all of my plans can be properly revealed! My henchman will show you to your quarters, for the time being. I will call upon you when I am ready. Dress appropriately.

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